Moving Windows XP from an Intel based PC to an AMD based PC

Moving Windows XP from an Intel based PC to an AMD based PC will cause a BSOD during startup (STOP 0x07E).  Instead of reinstalling Windows, spend fifteen minutes following the steps below.  You will be rewarded with a working computer.
Of course if you have a working Intel based computer that you are going to switch to an AMD based computer before you shutdown the Intel system open a command prompt and type:
“Disable intelppm” then shutdown.
This will change the registry settings and not load the intel drivers on start up. If you don’t have a working system then follow the steps below.
This only works using the same install CD as the original Windows.
1. Take the hard drive out of the old computer (Intel) and install it in the new computer (AMD).
2. Place the Windows XP Installation CD in the CD Drive and boot the new computer from it.
3. When the initial Windows XP Setup files have been loaded, press Enter to start a Windows XP Installation.
4. Press F8 if prompted to agree to the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA).
5. The installer will search for (and find) the Windows installation  that already exists on your hard drive.
6. You be asked if you want to perform a Repair Install. Yes, you do! Press “R” to confirm and begin.
7. The installation environment is copied to the hard drive, and it automatically reboots to run the rest of the installation.
8. If you allow the computer to try to boot from the hard drive, it will blue screen. Instead, boot from the XP Setup CD again.
9. Enter the Recovery Console (press “R” at the first screen)
10. When you are logged into your Windows installation, and have the command prompt in front of you (C:\Windows), navigate to the following directory:
11. Your command prompt should now read:
and be awaiting you to key in a command.
12. Run the following two commands:
delete intelide.sys
delete intelppm.sys
13. Type exit and press Enter.
14. Let the computer boot from the hard drive this time and Voila’! Your computer should run through what appears to be a typical first time Windows XP install.
15. Install the necessary drivers for any new hardware, install a massive number of Windows Updates, and you should be back in business.

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