Computer Systems

Computer Systems.

We can upgrade your existing computer to almost anything you wish. We will use components you purchase yourself or we will be happy to work as an agent to locate the best deals on pieces you need. Our cost is your cost. Your added bonus if we get the parts is you don’t have to deal with returning a malfunctioning unit. Our labor rates are based on the job done not where the parts come from.
Custom Built Computers
We build custom computers to fit your needs, whether simple, complex, one computer or several. If you don’t really know what you need, we can design a system based on what kind of work you expect to be doing. Whether you plan to use your computer for Office Work, Video Editing, Homework, Composing Music, Robust Gaming, or just Surfing the Internet we can build the Computer that’s right for you!

Used Computers and Trade In’s

We often sell new computers to replace old systems and take the old system as a trade-in. After we upgrade or recondition the older system we offer it for sale at a reduced cost. This allows first rate systems to be purchased at a substantial discount, for those new to computers and what they can do.