Web Services

Site Hosting
We maintain our very own state of the art World Wide Web server which allows us to host domains for personal web pages to small businesses and everything in between. We host pages for several local businesses and even a few rock bands.
Internet Back Up.
The Cutting Edge also offers Data Back Up via the Internet so you don’t have to worry about storing disks or losing valuable data. For a few dollars a day you can enjoy automatic backups of all your important data to our secure server. If your computer dies don’t let it take your data with it. Backup your files today!
Internet Access
The Cutting Edge even provided dial-up internet access through a local number with unlimited access back in the day. How many internet providers would come to your home or business and not only set up a dial up account for you but configure your computer and show you how to get on-line. Only one “The Cutting Edge.” These days we’re happy to come out and set up your computer to use your High Speed Internet, be it from Charter, Verizon, DirectTV or anyone else.
Web Site Design
We specialize in robust, high quality web design. Whether you’re looking to start an online business, a political campaign or simply provide your customers with information about what you do. We can build a web site around your ideas, designed specifically for your needs.